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Looking to sell your vehicle registration number ? Want to know what its worth before going ahead with any decisions ? We have around 20 years experience in the business of buying and selling registration numbers, so are expertly placed to give a true and honest valuation of your number's worth in the market place. Then, if you are interested in selling it, we can advertise it on your behalf, free of any advertising charges, and should we obtain a sale, we will take our commission from the sale proceeds before passing the final amount to yourselves. A commission rate will be specified for individual numbers and will be sent to you in the paperwork for the valuation.

Don't be swayed by some companies that may give you an inflated view of the worth of your number and then completely fail to get any buyers for it. We prefer to give you a realistic price based upon prices of similar numbers currently advertised in the marketplace and past performance of numbers that have already been sold.

Please provide all the relevant information below and we will post out a valuation to you, along with details of our number selling service for our clients and a form for you to fill out and post back to us if you would want us to sell your number on your behalf. Our Terms and Conditions for selling numbers on your behalf are here should you wish to view them before submitting a valuation request or before you decide to ask us to sell your number for you.

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